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​​​​​​​Journey of the Heart

In 2008 our journey with heart disease began.  Gunnar went in for a stress test, collapsed and ended up in Delray Medical to receive three stents in his arteries.    

We had hoped that this would be the end of our journey, but little did we know what the following years would bring. 

In a matter of three years he had a total of 11 stents.  We had relationships with five different Cardiologists and learned how important it is to be an advocate for your own health.  In 2010 he had open heart surgery, a double by-pass.  We continued to take one day at a time, walking in complete faith that God was in control and He had a plan.  In June 2013 Gunnar went into Bethesda Heart Institute for a catheterization.  After having over 9 or 10 catheterizations,  Gunnar believed this would be pretty routine and the doctor would have to place a stent in one of his arteries.  That day we found out his by-pass surgery had failed and we were told that there was nothing else that could be done surgically.  He was told to go home and that his condition would have to be controlled with medications.  We were left with absolutely no hope by the medical team.  I looked at Gunnar that day and told him “the doctor’s have no hope but we know that God has a plan and we will continue to pray about this disease and walk in faith”.  As our journey continues, we still take one day at a time and some days are better than others.  Gunnar is on ten prescription medications and takes a great deal of supplements to keep himself as healthy as he can be.  On a daily basis he deals with exhaustion, heart palpitations, heart pain, numbness in his leg and he still has the will to get up every morning.  It is our belief that it is by the grace of God that he is still here.  He is a walking miracle!  It is our hope that our journey will be able to give insight to others who may be suffering from heart disease.  Every day is a gift and as difficult as this journey has been we feel extremely blessed.​

In His Love and Ours,

Cindy & Gunnar​​